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Vacuum Electronics Failure Analysis

The Embedded FlowBenchTM is a patented technology from Performance Labs LLC that allows performance enthusiasts to measure and record their engine’s air flow. The technology takes the form of an aftermarket gauge and is easy and fun to use. To learn more about the Embedded FlowBenchTM explore these downloads:

Embedded FlowBenchTM

A New Concept in Performance Measurement - A Unique Product for Instrument Manufacturers


Targeted at prospective licensees, this document provides a brief overview of the Embedded FlowBenchTM technology, points out the role this new product will play in the automotive aftermarket, and the potential benefits to licensees.

Licensee Information.pdf

The Embedded FlowBenchTM

Know Your Flow


A more complete explanation of the Embedded FlowBenchTM technology. Explains the benefits to the consumer and how consumers will use the instrument and the companion software.

Know Your Flow.pdf

Embedded FlowBenchTM

Frequently Asked Questions


This document answers the most common questions we hear.


Analysis Panel  Software- Demo Version


Now you can download the companion desktop software for the Embedded FlowBenchTM. The demo comes with sample data files logged on one of our Embedded FlowBenchTM prototypes.

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Embedded FlowBenchTM