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We are unable to post products that have not yet reached patent pending status. However, products we are currently working on fall into the categories of aftermarket automotive induction systems, home entertainment and garden equipment. If your company is looking for new products in these categories join our mailing list to receive information before it is posted to the site.

The Embedded FlowBenchTM is patented engine air flow monitoring and recording technology. This product gives consumers the unique ability to measure the volumetric efficiency and other flow parameters of their high performance engines.

Market: Aftermarket Automotive Performance and Racing

Availability: Intellectual property, Electrical design, and Firmware ready for licensing. Mechanical design service is available.

For detailed product information download the brochures.

A major feature of the Embedded FlowBenchTM is the ability to log and download flow data for analysis on a PC. Now you can download a demo version of the Analysis Panel companion software.
Embedded FlowBenchTM